Institutional - Grade FX Spreads

Currency Pair Standard Spread
(Average spread, pips)
Pro Spread
(Average spread, pips)
AUDCAD 2.15 1.17
AUDCHF 1.93 1.22
AUDJPY 1.69 0.9
AUDNZD 2.09 1.21
AUDUSD 1.32 0.42
CHFJPY 2.22 1.12
EURAUD 2.18 1.18
EURCAD 2.28 1.38
EURCHF 1.75 0.95
EURGBP 1.61 0.62
EURJPY 1.67 0.58
EURNZD 2.88 1.58
EURUSD 1.24 0.44
GBPAUD 3.6 2
GBPCHF 2.58 1.68
GBPJPY 2.28 1.38
GBPNZD 4.24 2.74
GBPUSD 1.73 0.85
NZDJPY 1.77 0.97
NZDUSD 1.5 0.79
USDCAD 1.73 0.83
USDCHF 1.66 0.84
USDJPY 1.12 0.51
USDSGD 2.22 1.61
USDZAR 77.47 66.38

Swap Rates & Rollovers

Swap rate (Rollover) is the interest earned or paid for holding a position overnight. Our swap rate is a variable rate that is dependent on the currency pair, the applicable swap rate in the interbank markets for the relevant dates.


If you hold a long Australian Dollar / US Dollar (AUD/USD) Position overnight and interest rates are higher in AUD than in USD, then you will normally receive a Swap Benefit at the MYFX Markets Swap Rate.

This is because you are long the high yielding currency. Conversely, if you were short AUD/USD then you will normally incur a Swap Charge at the MYFX Markets Swap Rate. In circumstances where the two interest rates are near parity, almost equal to each other, a Swap Charge may be imposed for both Long and Short open Positions.

Please Note:
Triple interest is earned/paid on Wednesday-Thursday rollover for Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.


You can access our real-time swap rates through the MT4 trading platform

After you’ve installed our MT4, simply follow the next steps;

1. Right click on a product in the 'Market Watch' window and select 'Symbols'
2. Select the product from the list and then select 'Properties'
3. Swap rates for both long and short positions will appear in the window