Slippage is a natural occurrence in any fast moving market, and it works both ways – positive and negative.

Slippage happens when an order is placed for a particular price, but before it can be filled the market moves and that price is no longer available.

There are 2 common types of slippage:

1. When a market gaps, either over the weekend or after a news event (like payroll figures or interest rate decisions); and

2. When a price is clicked on and has substantially changed in the time it took to get back to the executing bank or broker.

For the benefit of all its clients, Myfx Markets treats both slippage scenarios the same way that they would be treated in the Exchange Traded Share or Futures markets.

In both of the above scenarios Myfx Markets would slip its clients to a better price, if the interbank market from which Myfx Markets obtains its prices, had moved in the client's favour, and similarly a worse price if the market had moved against them.

The price differences reflect the slippage that Myfx Markets gets from the best aggregated price obtained from its banks and liquidity providers.

Myfx Markets prides itself on the fair treatment of all its clients.